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Adding a Reporting Services Web Reference to .Net application

In an earlier post, I had talked about adding a Reporting Services Proxy class using WSDL.exe. In this post, I would talking about adding a Reporting Services Web Service reference to your .Net Application.

As mentioned in the earlier post, SSRS web service provides interface for communication with the Report Server. In order to use the methods exposed by the Web Service, a reference to the Web Service needs to be added to the Visual Studio project. Depending on the requirement, a reference can be added for any of the reporting services endpoints.

  1. ReportService2005
  2. ReportService2006
  3. ReportExecution2005
  4. ReportService2010 (to be used with SSRS 2008 R2).

In order to add, a web service reference to your project, follow the steps provided below.

In solution explorer, right click on the project node and select “Add Service Reference”


On the Add Service Reference Window, click on Advanced. This would open the “Service Reference Setting” window. On the Service Reference Setting window, click on “Add Web Reference”.  On the Add Reference window, in the URL section, provide the complete asmx URL for the Reporting Service endpoint which needs to be used. For example, I would be using the ReportService2010 endpoint. Click on Go.


When you click on go, the web service reference would be resolved, and the methods available in the web service would be displayed.

In the Web Service Reference name, you can provide any name of your choice, and click on add reference. This would add the desired endpoint reference to your project.

At this post, we have added a web reference to the project. In a next post, I will talk about how to dynamically bind the reference or the proxy class to a Report Server.