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Sourabh has over 9 years of SQL experience and currently works as a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, specializing in proactive and advisory consulting assistance for SQL Server and SQL on Azure environments. As part of the Microsoft India Services Team, he has worked on SQL Server environments for leading corporations in various business domains, helping them to design, deploy and support for mission- and business-critical applications.

Apart from his daily work with customers, Sourabh is a frequent speaker at various SQL Server community events and Microsoft Events like TechEd and Azure Conferences.


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  1. Mohanraj May 8, 2013 at 17:42

    As i aware there are two components in SQL Server with respective to SQL Memory Management.
    1) BPool
    2) MTL
    Question : In 64 Bit Machine how BPool and MTL Allocation being calculated by the server.


    • Sourabh Agarwal May 8, 2013 at 22:52

      Yes there are two components in SQL(BPool and Non-BPool). The allocations are calculated in the same way as 32 bit system (with some minor changes) but the overall allocation algorithm remains similar.
      1) Allocated Non-BPool Memory as Reserved (256 + Thread Stack(128))
      2) Allocated BPool Memory Max BPool = Min(Min(Max Server Memory, RAM), (VAS – Non Bpool – MemoryforDLL_EXE – M_pbuf))
      3) Remove the Reserved flag from the Non Bpool memory allocated in Step 1 and mark it free.
      4) Any remaining VAS area is also marked as Free memory (used as non BPool memory).

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